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Cafe style food and gourmet picnic lunchboxes are available at the garden cottage all day where you can listen to the music and taste locally grown wines, enjoy a hot coffee or tea and relax with friends. Perhaps you could even have a walk through the garden and come back to enjoy a traditional ice cream wafer.

"And now the lunch! It was difficult to know what to eat first or leave till last. The sandwiches were lovely and fresh and tasty, the little feta stuffed pepper was a real treat, but the chocolate truffle was the highlight! Can I have another one please" - Maureen, U3A

Pre ordered gourmet Picnic lunchboxes are available for those purchasing tickets online:

Lunchbox Menu

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MusicArt in a Garden has live music playing every day just across the river from our garden Cafe.



11.30am - 2.30pm

Lonesome Sue aka Leigh Wilson


11am - 3pm

Lonesome Sue and Doc Sanchez


11am - 3pm

Lonesome Sue and The Lost Circus


11am - 3pm

Funky Hot Mama's unplugged and Davey Backyard

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