Exhibitors 2016

Michael Eaton

Michael Eaton

Guest Artist

Michael Eaton lives and paints in North Canterbury, is one of a group of New Zealand artists who trained in the 1950s. As Eaton says ‘change was in the air’ it was an exciting time to be at art school and many of his contemporaries went on to illustrious careers in the art world such as Bill Culbert, John Coley, Quentin Macfarlane, Hamish Keith, Dick Frizzell and others. This was a time that, as in literature, artists began to speak with a New Zealand voice. They were influenced by art movements in Europe and America but lived and worked in New Zealand. Grounding their work with the concerns of New Zealand and the landscape and society of New Zealand. New Zealand was ‘home’ not England.

Eaton has exhibited widely both in group and solo exhibitions. He recalls representing New Zealand alongside Ralph Hotere and Ray Thorburn at the XIth Biennale in Sao Paulo in 1971. He also remembers being invited in 1964 to exhibit with now internationally acclaimed, Colin McCahon at the Globe Theatre Gallery, Dunedin. McCahon’s paintings sold for between $40 to $60 and Eaton’s for $8.00. Values are very different today. The list of artists with whom Eaton has exhibited reads like the Who’s Who of New Zealand art.

Llew Summers

Llew Summers

Guest Artist

Llew Summers was born in 1947 and has lived in Christchurch all his life. Encouraged by Tony Fomison, he had his first exhibition in 1971, and since then has shown regularly all over NZ. His work celebrates the human body and soul, often juxtaposing couples or groups in movement. Occasionally horses and birds also appear in his work.

He works initially in stone, wood or sometimes clay, then makes molds and casts his work into small edition multiples from bronze, glass and ceramic. His very large public works are scaled up from these originals, and although in the past they were cast into concrete, over the last decade or so they have also been cast in bronze. His highly recognizable public sculptures can be seen from Kaitaia to Wanaka and many places in between.

Sculptors 2016


Patrick Barry
Anneke Bester
Katrina Burgess
Julie Butler
Bill Clarke
Michelle Clarke
Sarah Clarke
Moira Crossman
Ian Dalzell
Rozi Demant
Istvan Denes
Mark Dimock
Jane Downes
Nick Dryden
Justin Galligan
Brendon Harley
Jane Harley
Roderick Hall
Michael Harrison
Elisha Jordan
Anna Korver
Maria Lloyd
Jay Lloyd
Donna Marie-Patterson
Rory McDougall
Bob McQuarrie
Steve Molloy
Juliet Novena Sorrel
Win Oliver
Tuscan Papworth
Sue Pidgeon
Trevor Polglase
Lorraine Polglase
Daniel Pye
Oriah Rapley
Rebecca Rose
Julie Ross
Don Service
Hamish Southcott
Llew Summers
Debbie Templeton-Page
Niko Thomsen
Richard Todd
John van Beek (Wireart)
Matthew Williams
Shane Woolridge
Bruce Young
Melissa Young
Jim Wheeler
David McCracken
Ken Laws

Painters 2016


Richard Adams
Sharnae Beardsley
Gareth Brighton
Kate Calder
Tom Calder
Barry Clarke
Sue Currie
Emily Davidson
Nicolas Dillon
Toni Duffy
Michael Eaton
Simon Edwards
Deb Fuller
Charles Hannah
Amy Hoedemakers
Lissa Holland
Ariana Kutia
Donna Marie-Patterson
Kelvin McMillan
Sarah McRobie
Ira Mitchell-Kirk
Helen Nutt
Svetlana Orinko
Janie Porter
Ben Reid
Julie Ross
Liz Rowe
Bianca Scrimgeour
Elspeth Shannon
Jan Thomson
Kris Waldin
Angus Watson
Cushla Heslop

Ceramic & Glass Artists 2016


Renee Boyd
Julie Collis
Peter Collis
Ian Dalzell
Suzy Dünser
Kate Fitzharris
Tim Grocott
Mia Hamilton
Anne Hudson
Luke Jacomb
Bob McQuarrie
Tatyanna Meharry
Mark Mitchell
Kiya Nancarrow
Tamara Rookes
Sue Newitt
John Parker
Helen Perrett
Sue Pidgeon
Julie Ross
Aaron Scythe
Nadine Spalter
Carmel van der hoeven

Jewellers 2016


Melissa Anderson
Mia Hamilton
Ailish Roughan
Tracy Watson
Jessica Winchcombe
Lisa Woods
Vaune Mason

Furniture and Accessories 2016


Tom Calder
Coastal Cowhides
Niko Thomsen
John (Wireart) van Beek
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